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World Table Tennis Day (WTTD)

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Date(s) - 06/04/2017
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Table Tennis for everyone, everywhere
Popular, Universal & Inclusive

As an International Sport Federation,  one of our fundamental missions is to promote our sport globally to be played in each corner of the world. How to do it? How to make Table Tennis accessible to everyone? This has been done through the ITTF Development Program since 1999, but now there is new approach.

What is the World Table Tennis Day?

It is a celebration of the joy to play Table Tennis for fun, bringing people together where the focus is less on the competition and more on participation and fun.

What is the purpose of the WTTD?

To gather Table Tennis enthusiasts, attract people who usually don’t play table tennis, promote the love for our sport, and ideally engage new players to the practice in the long term.